Indoor navigation with bluetooth beacons

An experimental project for my master’s thesis at BUAS:

Indoor localization at events such as fairs enables navigation to specific stands, location-based content and analysis of visitor flows. We have studied how to enable such localization with Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons. We have examined different algorithms processing signal strength readings and found a nonlinear least squares algorithm to be reliable. A prototype app has been implemented and evaluated, enabling subsequent product development by the industry partner.

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Breakfaster ERP

Breakfaster was a startup project (in Bern; discontinued) for subscription commerce: Customers could order a subscription for bread, croissants and the like on weekends, delivered by bicycle. The whole online store and the backoffice processes (including supplier orders, route planning, packaging, billing) was developed by me. There is motivation (but lack of time so far) to refactor this code and open source it.

Skills developed:

  • LAMP stack
  • PHP development (with CakePHP)
  • Database modelling
  • Modelling complex domain logic (mixing transactional and batch processes)
  • Business engineering

Moti (mobile timber cruise)

Moti is am mobile application for forest inventories and had its origins in my bachelor’s thesis (2011), with a follow-up project at Bern University of Applied Sciences (BUAS) funded by Swiss forest services.

The project has been my entry into productive application development. The thesis yielded a usable prototype application, and the follow-up project (along with other developers) resulted in an application still in use today by forestry professionals.

Skills developed:

  • Java Development
  • Android Development
  • Interfacing to a REST service
  • Data modelling
  • OOAD & OOP

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Numerous Websites

In multiple contexts (employed work, freelance work, friends) I have built or contributed to dozens of websites ranging from very small to global corporations.

Skills developed:

  • Full stack web site development: Site building, theming, content modellig, module/plugin development
  • LAMP stack
  • HTML/CSS/JS (jQuery mostly)
  • CMS (Drupal, Contao, Wordpress, Joomla; in that order of frequency)
  • Static site generators (Jekyll, Pelican)

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