After a summer full of work, I needed to seize the moment and work on something on my to do list: Creating my personal home page.

With only about an hour at hand, how to achieve this?


With the state of the art in static site generators, the task mentioned above is feasible (and for free so far). Jekyll is written in Ruby and has already been around for a while. Seemingly, with specialized CDNs such as Netlify, static site generators are now gaining traction.

The first published version of my new home page was really published within an hour from the start. Thanks belong to Akshay Agarwal for providing a cool template to start with.

Of course you cannot really build a website in an hour. Much styling refinement, content completion and the addition of new features will follow. And in the long run, I don’t want to have a site that looks like the other forks of a template. So it is at most the first iteration that is possible within an hour.

But still, for small and simple sites (such as mine), static site generators are definitely the way to go.